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This website is primarily aimed at those of you researching your BELBIN ancestors but also at those researching the many variant names, especially that of BELBEN, which until the early 18th Century was interchangeable rather than the separate name it has become.

Development of the site is a SLOW ongoing project and if you wish to make any contribution such as providing some ideas as to the origin of the name, passing on some BELBIN family gossip or photographs, repeating family lore or submitting details of your BELBIN ancestry, then please get in touch with me, Terry BELBIN as I will be pleased to hear from anyone if they can help improve and expand on knowledge of our BELBIN ancestry.

I have more data offline than I have yet found time to put online.  My interest in the name is such that I am happy to discuss and share research about any BELBIN family whether it is from the UK or overseas.  My accumulated research which lies partially sorted in my office at home in England may contain information you are looking for.  You, on the other hand may have information, documents, old photographs, etc that I would be very keen to see and perhaps publish here.  Please get in touch and let's see if we can help each other.

Thank you for visiting BelbinMania.

Terry Belbin, Essex, England.










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To avoid delay please also provide the reason why you wish to view the data.  If you are a member of any of the family trees shown, please say how you fit in and if you are happy for your contribution to be added to the database.  Please contact Terry Belbin if you have any difficulty logging in.

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The Bits & Pieces pages are a random collection of anything BELBIN.

Contributions are sought from anyone who has something interesting to say about anyone or anything that has a BELBIN connection.  Articles illustrated with photographs are particularly welcome.   You will be given credit, so please send Terry Belbin an e-mail with all your family gossip and interesting bits and pieces!  Anything will be considered! 



Advertise your BELBIN connection on the Notice Board pages.

These pages are intended as a mutual problem page where you can advertise your interests in a particular BELBIN ancestor or where you can seek contacts from others researching the same person or family.

If you want your BELBIN research interests publicised please send Terry Belbin an e-mail with the details.












ANNOUNCEMENTS (Updated 6 July 2024)





There is life in BelbinMania after all.  Watch the rebuild as it develops.  Click here  .

My ISP has made some server changes causing non-functionality throughout my site.

In addition they have locked me out of the Family Trees section meaning I can no longer process any applications to view data.  Please therefore email me  direct if you want to get in touch. 



 This may interest you...

Which one is Terry BELBIN?In 2019, BELBIN families live in England, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Germany, Zimbabwe, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.


BELBIN is the name of a village in IRAN and a cave system in SPAIN. Why?

James BELBIN was a bloodthirsty pirate executed in 1725.  The Court Reporter at his trial was one Daniel Defoe.    Tanith BELBIN and Heather BELBIN were both world famous ice skating champions.

MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY Captain William Bligh was known to James BELBIN The Emancipist.

  Ghiyas ud din BALBAN (1200-1287) was the 9th Sultan of the Mamluk dynasty of Dehli, India.

The Roman Emperor BALBINUSDecimus Caelius BALBINUS was one of the Six Emperors of Rome in AD 238 shortly before the fall of the Roman Empire. 

  Approximately 1600 BELBIN/BELBEN births have been registered in England & Wales between 1837 and 2016.
Elizabeth Maud Griffiths BELBIN was a close friend of Queen Victoria's grand-daughter, Queen Marie of Romania.   The Late Australian Artist Phil BELBIN was one of the foremost international painters of transport themes. 
...want to know more?  Explore BelbinMania!

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All BELBINS and BELBENS (and any other variants, of course) welcome to share family gossip and to discuss their ancestry!

The BELBIN One-Name Study

The BELBIN surname is one of some 7,850 study surnames registered with The Guild of One-Name Studies, a London based charitable organisation dedicated to promoting the public understanding of one-name studies and the preservation and accessibility of the resultant information.  The BELBIN One-Name Study registered under membership No. 2,417 is a project researching facts about the surname and all the people who have held it, as opposed to a particular pedigree or descendancy and I am collecting data from anyone and anywhere in order to be able to publish this information for the benefit of not only people who are currently interested in the name, but also with the aim of trying to preserve it for future generations.  It is a huge project in spite of the fact that the BELBIN surname is a rare one and anyone who wishes to assist with it by contributing information about the Belbins can contact me via e-mail or via the Guild website.  The following variants of the name are all of interest:

 Click Here to visit the GOON Show

Canadian and American BELBINS may be interested in BRENDA BELBIN's terrific website which shows the descendants of William BELLMAN (Belbin) who was born c.1750 in Newfoundland


Captain Robert James BelbinElizabeth Maud Griffiths-Belbin - The Royal TutorWilliam Belbin, Mayor of HobartJames Belbin (seated) 1844-1926John Edward Belbin - Terry Belbin's UncleAuger de Balben - Grand Master of The Knights Templar 1161David Belbin - AuthorLaurence Belbin - ArtistLouise Belbin and Violet GreenTanith Belbin - Ice Skating ChampionMeredith Belbin - world famous team management guruAlexander Arthur BelbinArthur Belbin 1891-1972

Additionally, why not visit JIM HALPIN's website which also deals with this same branch of the North American BELBINS


Laurence Belbin - Oil and Watercolour Artist

   Jakob Belbin Arts
BELBIN Family Websites


      Well, I think I'll take a rest now that we have got some vague resemblence to a Home Page.  Things will get better when I get some time.  OK People?


PAT BAINES who did most of the legwork for the LISTS pages

REG WRIGHT who provided chapters from THE YOUNGS OF ROKEBY

ANGELA BELBIN-WOOD who delved into the life and times of QUEEN MARIE of ROMANIA

The Estate of the late HOWARD BELBEN who researched the BELBINS of STURMINSTER NEWTON

ED BELBIN who provided the name of the site when he declared that he suffered from BelbinMania

Please note that the use of the BELBIN surname throughout this website also refers where applicable to any other variant of the name.  All variants of the name are of interest. 

This website has evolved slowly since 1998.  It is a hobby and NOT a commercial project.  Please e-mail Terry Belbin if you spot any errors, however small as I aim to be as precise as possible.  The site  was last updated on 20 February 2013 but will be updated again very soon.  Comments are always welcome so please tell me what you think.  Please do not publish anything from BelbinMania without asking me first.  Some articles are copyright so unauthorised copying is prohibited.  Thanks for your interest.

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