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Captain Robert James BelbinElizabeth Maud Griffiths-Belbin - The Royal TutorWilliam Belbin, Mayor of HobartJames Belbin (seated) 1844-1926John Edward Belbin - Terry Belbin's UncleAuger de Balben - Grand Master of The Knights Templar 1161David Belbin - AuthorLaurence Belbin - ArtistLouise Belbin and Violet GreenTanith Belbin - Ice Skating ChampionMeredith Belbin - world famous team management guruAlexander Arthur BelbinArthur Belbin 1891-1972

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SUE COLCLOUGH has a special request as follows: CHRISTOPHER MARTIN GINEVER found late in life that he was adopted and born MALCOLM JOHN BELBIN in 1942.  He was the son of JOAN PHYLLIS BELBIN (1919 - 1997) who lived in Surrey, and is on the UK 4 Family Tree.  As she was not married and it was war time, Malcolm was adopted and lived in Nottingham.  Later on he became a farmer in Brittany.  He has a son and a daughter living in France and Denmark.

My request is this.  He has found a huge family that he knew nothing about, and is happy now that he does not feel a "nobody".  He would love something to connect with his dead birth mother; a photograph would be lovely.  Joan was in the ATS and she did live at times in Lincolnshire, I believe with a relative.  If anyone visiting this site can give my lovely partner some peace of mind I would be so grateful and happy for him.  He does not want to intrude; just to know his roots. I'm quite happy if Terry does not mind, to post an e-mail to me and also to share what we have found about the UK4 line of the Belbin Tree.  Many thanks.  S. M. Colclough 26 Feb 2012.

SHARON (FRANCIS) LOGGIE of Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada is related to the Newfoundland BELBINS as her great great great grandfather, Rubin BELBIN is a descendant of William BELLMAN (BELBIN) 1750-1807 of Newfoundland, Canada.  As all the others researching the Newfoundland families, Sharon is looking for William BELLMAN'S origin as well as any other information on that branch of BELBINS.

KEITH BELBIN of 36 Rushley Road, Dore, Sheffield S17 3EJ is researching the descendants of Frederick BELBIN (b.1852) and Selina BAKE (b.1855) both of Bristol, Somerset who married in Coventry on 16 April 1876. Descendants of this family are known to live in Huddersfield and throughout Yorkshire. Please contact Keith to exchange notes on this ancestry.

PAT HOSKINS of 5a Highfield Road, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 1RF finds herself in UK Tree 1 featured in the Family Trees section of this website. She would therefore be very pleased to hear from anyone researching the descendants of John BELLBEIN (c.1765-1842) and Elizabeth BULL who married at Monxton, Hampshire in 1791.

STEPHEN BELBIN of 78 Grove House, Chelsea Manor Street, London SW3 5QB has traced his ancestry back to 1641. His main interest is in the descendants of Samuel BELBIN (b.1751) and Mary Appleby of Shaftesbury, Dorset and would like to communicate with others researching this line.

VERONICA JOHNSON of 25 Linden Road, Risdon Vale, Tasmania 7016, Australia is a descendant of James BELBIN (1771-1848) and his first wife Ann Meredith. Veronica is currently researching the Fletcher-Radcliffe/Ratcliffe-Hanslow-BELBIN family tree and would appreciate some help with research on a great aunt who married a member of the Royal Army or Navy.

CAROLYN SUE BALBEN MYERS is an English Teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. Her father was Edward Chester BALBEN son of Harold Walter BALBEN of the Newfoundland BELBINS, or so she thinks. Edward Chester BALBEN was born in Waltham, Mass. and moved to Casper, Wyoming, in the 1940s. She has two brothers and two sisters and when she lived in Casper, Wyoming the address was 1000 BALBEN Road. Carolyn will appreciate any help with her father's family history.

JIM HALPIN is descended from the BELBINS on his mother's side of the family. His Great-grand parents, Benjamin Robert BELBIN and Arminella Longmead Keirstead were married in St. John, New Brunswick in 1875. At some point they moved to Boston, MA, where his great-grandfather worked for the Boston & Maine Railroad. Their children were Robert James BELBIN (1877), Alfred Stanley BELBIN (1878), Charles William BELBIN (1880), Frances Lucinda BELBIN (1882), Herbert Hewitt BELBIN (1884), Earnest Gordon BELBIN (1887) and Ella Louise BELBIN (1890 Jim's Grandmother who married Robert J. Ross). Jim's mother remembers visits from "cousins" from Newfoundland. Can anyone help him determine where Benjamin Robert BELBIN was born and if he is the Benjamin BELBIN, b. 1856 son of James BELBIN & Frances Trenchard.

BELINDA BALMFORTH is descended from Emancipist, James BELBIN and Ann Meredith, their daughter Elizabeth BELBIN and Benjamin Hanslow, their daughter Ann Hanslow born 1821 who married Edward Campbell 1 Apr 1844 in Clarence, Tasmania, Australia. She has traced their children etc... but nothing much for Edward Campbell, only that he was born about 1815 and emigrated from Liverpool, nothing prior to his marriage, e.g. parents. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

HERBERT CHANDLER BELBEN, Jr of 650 Rosal Way, San Rafael, California 94903-2926, USA is the son of Herbert C. BELBEN Sr.who was born in 1900 in Boston Mass. His father was Levi BELBEN who migrated from Newfoundland to Boston around 1890-1895 and married a Susan Dimer. Apart from Herbert C. BELBEN, Herbert believes Levi BELBEN and Susan had three other sons, namely, Charles BELBEN, Clifford BELBEN and Robert BELBEN. There were also two girls, Ann BELBEN and Alice BELBEN. Alice was a twin of Clifford and both died aged 90 in 2005. Herbert has also learned from other sources that a distant cousin may have migrated to Newfoundland around 1777. His name was William BELBEN Sr. This person and Herbert's grandfather may be cousins and may have migrated to Newfoundland around the same time in 1777. All information will be appreciated.

CAROLINE GADEN of New South Wales, Australia seeks information on the BELBIN family of Nortonthorpe Hall, Huddersfield in the early 20th Century. These BELBINS are descendants of James BELBIN and Sarah Swetland of Ringwood, Hampshire who married there on 27th January 1721/22 (UK Tree 4) and Caroline will be pleased to hear from anyone with an interest in this family.

LAUREL YOUNG of Unit 26/424-440 Anzac Highway, Camden Park, South Australia 5038 is researching the descendants of convict James BELBIN (1771-1848) and Ann Meredith and would be interested in hearing from people descended from this couple.

WALTER BRADBURY of Alberta, Canada has found there is a BELBIN in his roots. Her name is Caroline BELBIN from around the Bay Roberts Conception Bay area of Newfoundland, Canada. All that is known about her is that she married Walter's great great grandfather, Nathan Mercer and that she died on 8 Dec 1892. Walter would like to find out who her parents were and would greatly appreciate any help in this.

ALICIA KATHRYN BELBIN from Tasmania has a particular interest in the Australian BELBIN history. Her father is Paul BELBIN married to Kathleen Wagner and Alicia would like to learn more of his ancestry. Additionally, Alicia is interested in any special psychological and physical traits of the BELBIN family and would find any such information of great interest in her research.

REG WRIGHT of 26 Sluman Street, Denistone, New South Wales 2114, Australia is a direct descendant of James BELBIN (1771-1848) and Ann Meredith. Reg is interested in this family tree and will appreciate hearing from anyone descended from this couple. Reg has written extensively about this BELBIN family in his book The Youngs of Rokeby and their Friends and has generously consented to some of the BELBIN chapters being reproduced on this website. Click the following links to read Reg's work: James BELBIN The Emancipist William BELBIN The Politician BELBIN Letters & Petitions. Reg has also gained some noteriety as an expert on the histories of Norfolk Island and Van Diemens Land with his book The Forgotten Generation of Norfolk Island and Van Diemens Land published in 1986 which contains many chapters on the BELBINS and can still be found available from internet booksellers and is most certainly worth tracking down.

SAMANTHA ROSETTA BELBIN is seeking help on her family tree. Her grandfather's name was Gregory BELBIN who she thinks was born in 1906 and died in 1976. Unfortunately, Samantha does not say which country her grandfather lived in! He married Lorna Ray which might be a clue. Can anyone help?

TONY BELBEN of 1 The Lane, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 2DE is researching the descendants of George BELBON (baptised 18 April 1873 at Tarrant Keyneston, Dorset) and Ann, who married c.1798. Any information gratefully received.

CHRISTINE BISHOP of 25 Hilda Terrace, Hawthorn 5062, South Australia is one of several people on these pages looking into the descendants of James BELBIN the convict (1771-1848) and Ann Meredith and will be keen to hear from anyone else who is a descendant of this couple. All information gratefully received.

LESLI LANGSMITH of PO Box 211, Ridgefield, Washington 98642, USA is looking for information on the descendants of Mary BELBIN who was baptised on 3 November 1687 and who married William Colbourne at Sturminster Newton, Dorset. See BelbinMania's Sturminster Newton page.

ANGEL STROUD CAZA lives in Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada and is researching the Harris name which seems to be very popular in BELBIN history. He is trying to locate German Harris son of Enos Harris. German had a brother Eliol who married Hannah BELBIN and they had two sons, namely Harrison Harris and Robert BELBIN Harris. These families are from the Seal Cove, Trinity Bay, area of Newfoundland. Can anyone help?

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BEVERLEY CURRAN'S great grandmother was Julia Fanny BELBIN, born in Christchurch, Hampshire on 9 May 1860. She married Enos Crocker in 1878. Her parents were George BELBIN and Martha Brixey. His parents were possibly John and Ann BELBIN. Only info known gained from "this terrific site" so if any connections or info regarding this family, please get in touch!

BRIAN BELBIN of Richmond in U.S.A is looking for help with his family tree. Unfortunately, all but one of his parents and grandparents are deceased and the only information he has is that both his father and grandfather were named Robert Cumming BELBIN and were from the Michigan/Ontario, Canada area. Can anyone help?

VANCE BELBIN of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada son of William BELBIN who was born in New Chelsea, Trinity Bay is researching the Newfoundland BELBINS and would appreciate contact with anyone with an interest in the Canadian families.

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