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Captain Robert James BelbinElizabeth Maud Griffiths-Belbin - The Royal TutorWilliam Belbin, Mayor of HobartJames Belbin (seated) 1844-1926John Edward Belbin - Terry Belbin's UncleAuger de Balben - Grand Master of The Knights Templar 1161David Belbin - AuthorLaurence Belbin - ArtistLouise Belbin and Violet GreenTanith Belbin - Ice Skating ChampionMeredith Belbin - world famous team management guruAlexander Arthur BelbinArthur Belbin 1891-1972

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DAVID LAKE of New Zealand says that one of his grandfather's brothers, Simon Hooper Lake (born Appledore, Devon in 1845) married Ellen BELBEN (born Plympton St Mary, Devon also in 1845). Her parents were Robert T. BELBEN (born Bettchwell, Dorset in 1804) and Mary (born Litton Cheyney, Dorset in 1806). Her siblings Ann BELBEN (born 1828), Jane BELBEN (born 1830), Martha BELBEN (born 1832), Nathan BELBEN (born 1833), Elizabeth BELBEN (born 1836) and Stephen BELBEN (born 1838) were all born in Sydling St Nicholas,Dorset. Ellen's other siblings, Ruth BELBEN (born 1841), Emma BELBEN (born 1843) and Mary BELBEN (born 1847) were all born in Plympton St Mary. David would be keen to learn more about the ancestry of this family.

ANGELA BELBIN-WOOD of  Newhall Road, Kirk Sandall, Doncaster, DN3 1QQ is a direct descendant of James BELBIN and Sarah Swetland of Ringwood, Hampshire who married on 27 January 1722/23 and this family is her main area of research.  Angela is also helping research the life story of Elizabeth Maud Griffiths-BELBIN who became Governess to the children of Queen Marie of Romania in the early part of the Twentieth century.  The story so far is shown in one of BelbinMania's Feature Pages.  Please contact Angela if you can contribute to these areas of research.

RICH BELBIN of The Cottage, Baden Hill, Tytherington, Wotton-Under-Edge, South Gloucester GL12 8PY is a descendant of Benjamin BELBIN (1791-1843) who married Frances Elliott on 29 August 1824 in Odiham, Hampshire.  It is believed that Benjamin BELBIN was the son of John BELLBEIN (1765-1842) who is currently the oldest known ancestor in UK Tree 1Rich (and Terry BELBIN ) will be particularly keen to hear from anyone who is reasearching this family.

JANET COX resarches family pedigrees for medical purposes. She is trying to find the connection between the Newfoundland ancestors of Henry Thomas BELBIN (born 28 Aug 1854, Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay) and the BELVIN families of Quebec Lower North Shore. Can you help?

CLEOPHAS BELVIN of St. Augustin, a tiny fishing village in the province of Quebec seventy miles west of the Newfoundland-Labrador border (Lower North Shore) considers the "V" in his surname is a result of French influence as many original BELBINS married French speaking women. Today everyone in the St. Augustin region spells the family name BELVIN. Cleophas is a direct descendant of John BELBIN (born 1767, possibly in Dorset, England to John and Ann BELBIN and died 1839 at Rocky Bay, near St. Augustin) who showed up on the Labrador coast during the latter part of the eighteenth century. James BELBIN had two sons John BELVIN (b.1815) and James BELVIN (b.1826). As a historian and archivist, Cleophas has an interest in genealogical research of the BELBIN/BELBEN/BELVIN family of Quebec Lower North Shore and would appreciate hearing from anyone researching this family.

LOIS (CHAULK) ALBREKTSEN of Florida (born Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) is trying to trace the ancestry of both her parents. Lois has some information on her father, Ernest Chaulk, but not much for her mother whose maiden name was Sarah Crocker Cooke. Lois has heard throughout her life that somehow her family was related to the Belbins. The only information she has is that one of her relatives (whether it was Cooke or Harris she doesn't know) was an employee or servant of a Lord BELBIN. Lord BELBIN'S son fell in love with her and married her. Lord BELBIN was furious and exiled him to Newfoundland. Since she doesn't have any history of the Belbins at all, Lois would love some information that relates to this story.

SHIRLEY ASH is a direct descendant of James BELBIN b. 11 Feb 1771 St.Clements Dane, London, England and Elizabeth Meredith who married on Norfolk Island on 2 Jun 1809. Shirley wishes to find out more about James' parents and earlier ancestry. Can you help?

MATT & THELMA BIRRELL Builders and Family Historians of Pelican Quays, 3/289 Bradman Avenue, Maroochydore, Queensland 4558, Australia are interested in the BELBINS as they are descendants of Celia Ann Skates (b.1841) who married John Charles BELBIN who died aged 27 in 1862 and was married in Southampton, England.  Celia then married Thomas Down Montgomery and they emigrated to Australia.  Any information on the BELBIN connection will be appreciated.

RAY "MAD FLYER" BELBIN of Townsville, Queensland, Australia is descended from Captain Robert James BELBIN (1848-1883) whose story is told in BelbinMania's Feature PagesCaptain BELBIN was himself, a descendant of William BELLMAN (1750-1807) and Elizabeth Marshall of Newfoundland.  Ray and his father, DOUG "THE OLD BOLD PILOT" BELBIN also of Townsville would like to hear from anyone researching this family. See Doug BELBIN'S BELBIN Genealogy website.

ERIC & MARGARET SMITH of 4 Kirval Court, West Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 7000 are researching the descendants of convict James BELBIN (1771-1848) and Ann Meredith's daughter Elizabeth BELBIN who married Benjamin Hanslow. They also have a query about another - apparently unrelated - family with the same surname, that is the descendants of a William BELBIN who was a convict to Tasmania, arriving on the transport ship "Gilmore", probably in 1843. Is he a brother or cousin of James? Does anyone know?

DWAYNE GIBSON'S mother-in-law was Hazel Irene BELBIN, daughter of Clinton Howard BELBIN and Gertrude Murray. Clinton Howard BELBIN'S grandparents were Charles BELBIN (1826-1887) and Elizabeth Kitchen (b.1843) who emigrated to Canada on 23 Apr 1872. Their first Canadian born child born in 1873 was Bernard Henry BELBIN. Other than the fact that Bernard married Charlotte (Lottie) McPherson, nothing else is known about him. It is not known when he died or if he had any children. If you have information on Bernard, Dwayne would really appreciate hearing from you.

RENA SHERRING of 61 Eastbourne Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada M8V 1W7 is descended from Elizabeth BELBIN (baptised 1785) of Sturminster Newton, Dorset daughter of John and Ann BELBIN. Elizabeth BELBINE married John Knott on 25 March 1811 and their daughter (Rena's great, great grandmother) Louisa, married Richard Sherring. Their son John Sherring came to Toronto probably in the 1870's. Any information gratefully received.

of 123 Livingstone St. W, Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4N 7J4 is researching the BELBENS of Newfoundland, Canada and just like others, trying to find the England-Newfoundland link. He is particularly interested in the descent of  William BELLMAN (born c.1750 in Newfoundland; died 1807, Mosquito, Conception Bay) and Elizabeth Marshall.

ANN & LARRY SUTTON have established that one of Ann's ancestors was Mary BELBEN, born 1803 who married Robert Bennett on 9 Jun 1829 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset. They had 9 children, the 2nd, Charles, married Mary Ann PROLES on 1 Feb 1858 and it is from that couple that Ann is descended. Does anyone have any information about the BELBENS that might tie in with Mary BELBEN as Ann and Larry would be pleased to hear from you.

ANN PETERS is researching the ROSSITER family tree which includes Robert Young BELBEN'S son. James BELBEN (who died before Aug 1791) who married Martha Rossiter on 30 Aug 1773 at Child Okeford, Dorset, England. Any information on these BELBENS gratefully received.

LORRAINE GREVE of Australia has Mary BELBIN who died in 1789 on her family tree. Mary BELBIN was married to Christopher Rose and had a daughter Mary in 1741. Her grand-daughter Elizabeth Fish came to Australia on the "Belona" and married Edward Powell and were Lorraine's G.G.G.Grandparents. The Rose family came from Dorset and Elizabeth Fish was their niece so it is assumed she possibly came from there too. Lorraine would love to hear anything about these families.

DOUG HAMES of RR1, Proton Station, Ontario, Canada N0C 1LO has the marriage record of Ruth BELBIN (spinster) and William Hames (widower) as 24 July 1787 at Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset. William Hames died 14 Apr. 1795 at Okeford Fitzpaine and Ruth died 4 Nov 1801 at the same place. The court appointed Stephen BELBIN, brother of his mother as guardian of their only child William. A Ruth BELBIN who married Richard Savery is noted to have had a brother Stephen (b.1764) and Doug thinks it would be too much of a coincidence that he is dealing with two different families here. If this is the same Ruth she could only have married Richard Savery after 1795 and before 4 Nov 1801. Doug would appreciate any help in confirming if the two Ruth BELBINS were the same person and whether there were any known children of Ruth's marriage to Richard Savery.

LAUREL TAFFE CARR of 114 Brafferton Blvd, Stafford, VA22554 USA says that on Feb 3 1909 George Brown Janes of Briggs married Edith BELBIN of Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada. Edith's parents were Isaac Trenchard BELBIN and Amelia Mercer (who is reported to be "a daughter of one of the Mercer boys and an intuit woman raised by the parents of the Mercer boy as his sister"). This family tree will be included in the BelbinMania's Family Trees section of this website as soon as reasonably possible.

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LINDA BELBEN of 245B Main Street, Indian Orchard, Massachusetts 01151 USA recently found out that her great grandparents' last name was spelt BELBIN. They were Henry Dicen BELBEN born 1861 and Amy Husson born approximately the same time in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. Their given names were Henry Marshall BELBIN and Emma Pitts Husson. Linda is looking for any information on the BELBIN/BELBEN families of Newfoundland immigrating to Nova Scotia then to Boston on or about April 1892. Linda is also researching the descendants of William BELLMAN (1750-1807) and Elizabeth Marshall of Newfoundland, Canada. Can you help?

SCOTT BELBIN of Newport News, Virginia, USA, 2 x great grandfather was Charles Thomas BELBIN and he immigrated to Baltimore, Maryland from England. He married Sarah Ann Winer (also from England) in Baltimore in 1857. His father Robert Lawson BELBIN found this information in the Baltimore records but was not able to find a birth date or birthplace for either. Scott is the uncle of Emily Elizabeth BELBIN-CLARK (see below) and would appreciate any information.

EMILY ELIZABETH BELBIN-CLARK of Virginia, USA is keen to learn more of the ancestry of her grandfather Robert Lawson BELBIN, a NASA scientist who helped build the Apollo moon rockets. His name is recorded in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. He had a few brothers, one named Edward BELBIN who still lives in Hampton, Virginia, USA.

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