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The Youngs of Rokeby and their Friends was published in 1992; however it is unlikely that you will have ever seen it in your local bookshop.  As the demand for this family history will be provided by only a discerning few, a very small printing run was arranged and there is no margin available for the professional bookseller.

This book outlines the history of the YOUNG family who settled in the Droughty Point region of Rokeby, Tasmania and also discusses the families associated with the Youngs including the BELBIN family.  While The Youngs of Rokeby is neither loaded with references to primary documents, nor purports to provide the final word as a complete genealogical record, it does recall incidents in the lives of the various families that will be unknown to the current generation.  This information has been uncovered through many years of delving by a few descendants of the Youngs, or their "friends".  The reproduction of many letters sent to the Youngs during the 19th century, from the United Kingdom, Canada and the Australian goldfields, will be of particular interest.  Additionally some 32 illustrations, a number of which are photographs taken during the 1870-1890 period and required computer scanning, have been included in the book.

This 330 page book (including illustrations and preface material) is still available for $30 (Australian currency) plus $3.50 for postage within Australia (for UK mailing, $7.50 for surface mail or $10 for economy air).  If you would like a copy please send your order and Australian Dollar Draft to the author,
Reg C Wright at 26 Sluman Street, Denistone NSW 2114, Australia Click on these links to view selected chapters from the book:
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